The French specialist in hoists and lifting equipment  from 60 to 250,000 kg. with ever again innovative techniques, and that since 1858!

EUROCHAIN ​​VR chain hoists

This new generation of chain hoists is the result of advanced technology, new concepts and materials.

Available in various construction-forms that cover most needs and applications.

  • Standard version with hook suspension, push trolley or electric drive
  • Low-headroom trolleys , for a minimum heigth loss underneath the beam.
  • Special boogie trolleys for driving on curves.

Electric belt hoists – Eurolift

The Eurolift belt hoist meets your needs for hoisting power with the strictest levels of cleanliness. This hoist range is complying with EC standards offering the lifting and robustness of a product designed for industrial duty combined with 100% clean operation to meet the stringest requirements  with regard to hygiene, handling of foodstuffs and chemical products and ‘clean-room’ conditions.


  • Food industry (cheese factories, dairies, etc…)
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Laundries

STAGEMAKER – theater hoists

The STAGEMAKER COMPACT is specially adapted to ‘show-business’ applications , equipped to handle theater and theater props, loudspeakers, lighting, etc. They are certified devices that also meet the North American CSA standards. The hoist, the control options and the compact custom design were developed in collaboration with the show business industry and make the STAGEMAKER COMPACT the driving force behind many shows and productions.



EQUIBLOC AIR – load balancers

With EQUIBLOC AIR, a complete range of pneumatic balancing devices, Verlinde offers  comprehensive  range of lifting solutions for the industry; ideal in combination with the range of aluminum overhead crane profile systems , with smooth driving characteristics.


For production areas and environments where very special requirements  on the cleanliness and hygiene of equipment and used materials are needed, Verlinde has developed a number of hoists and applications that do not use nor  release fouling elements (greases / oils / paint residues / rust and corrosion …)

Use in food, pharma and medical sectors