ATEX hoists

Wherever dust and gas can give rise to an explosion hazard, the use of explosion-proof hoists, components and tools is mandatory. Our range of ATEX hoists and components comply with the guidelines2014 / 34 / EU (former 94/9 / EC), the standards IEC 60079-14 and the European directives.

Application domain:

GAS & vapours                                                                                                                                   DUST

  • Chemical process industry                                                                                           – Silo plants  (eg grain storage)
  • Refineries                                                                                                                           – Mills
  • Pharmaceutical industry                                                                                               – sawmills – wood processing.
  • Waste Water treatment                                                                                                 – Spray booths / paint
  • Distilleries                                                                                                                          – animal feed production
  • Mining                                                                                                                                -Production of
  • Specific product processing                                                                                           synthetic fiber

Depending on the specific requirements of the customer, we can offer the correct material including the necessary certification:

  • Electrical wire rope and chain hoists ATEX
  • Trolleys Atex version.
  • Overhead crane components ATEX
  • Control cubicles and electric power lines ATEX
  • Operating push button devices ATEX

To determine the necessary safeguards in potentially explosive areas, these are divided into zones. For this , key factors are the frequency and duration of the presence  of potentially explosive atmospheres with gases and vapours, as well as with dust.


GAS                                    DUST

probability of an explosive atmosphere

0                                                                         20 VERY HIGH  : explosive atmosphere is contunual or very ferquent
1                                                                        21 HIGH  : Explosive atmosphere is occasional
2                                                                        22 LOW : explosive atmosphere rarely occurs.


ATEX electric chain hoists

SWF produces electric chain hoists of exceptional high quality for use in extreme conditions.

They meet the strictest ATEX standards and product criteria in Europe, and have for many years been successfull in every production unit with potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • hoists with hook / eye suspension – with push or electric trolley.
  • Robust construction.
  • Standard 2 lifting speeds (4: 1) (and driving speeds)
  • Low-voltage operation 48V
  • long lifespan; requires little maintenance.

GASZONE Ex Zone 1 II2G gas group IIB – T4

EX zone 1 II2G gas group IIC – T4

DUST AREA EX zone 21 II2D dust zone IIIC – T 120 ° C

NEW: ATEX chain hoists for DUST ZONE ZONE 22: CHAINSTER Ex

In 2018, Swf launched the new and complementary range of atex hoists for dust zone 22:

  • Capacities up to 2500 kg
  • With hook / eye suspension, push or electric trolley.
  • Specifically conceived materials and connection boxes – IP66
  • cable entries IP66
  • Double temperature monitoring
  • Additional seals of the hoist body – IP66
  • Control box IP65

ATEX cable hoists SWF

NOVA Ex for zones 1 – 21 – 2 – 22

The NOVA Ex explosion-proof wire rope  hoists from the SWF range combine the original NOVA hoist- range, with the specific aspects and requirements for use in explosive environments.

PRIOR CONDITION  : Top safety and reliability

  • cable entries: ‘ready for connection’
  • Reliable potential equilization of all conductive components.
  • Pressure-resistance encapsulation.

Possible in spark-free version, with bronzed hooks and traveling  wheels for the trolley.

ATEX Hand hoists – trolleys


Manual chain blocks in ATEX version of SWF are  a price-conscious alternative for their electric counterpart; in ATEX version they can be used in harsh conditions, for example in hoisting and assembly work in explosive-sensible environments.

ATEX crane  components

  • Switchboxes
  • Main switches
  • Control panels ATEX
  • Radiographic controls