Do you want to heat or dehumidify a large room and space ?

Industrial heaters and dehumidifyers from  Verhelle

A tent, storage room, workshop  or other large space need heating? Verhelle is the wholesale par excellence for professionals from the industrial, building, agricultural, horticultural and event sectors who are looking for mobile or fixed  space heaters .

Our range of machines is  directly available from stock and you can both buy and rent, but it is also possible to let you heater being installed on site by our professional technical team. Is your machine ready for repair or maintenance, you can always count on our after sales and repair service.


With a vision towards your needs in Industry, construction, framing, animal breeding, automotive service industry, an in many other sectors, we are specilaised in space heaters capable of providing maximum performance for any application.

Do you want to heat a conservatory, a storehouse or another large space? At Verhelle we are exclusive distributor of the space heaters  and dryers of Arcotherm . This  Italian brand offers economic and reliable heating and climate control devices that meet the highest quality standards. Our extensive stock is always up-to-date and offers various devices for specific locations and multiple heat applications.

In addition to the specific properties per device, the machines always meet the following characteristics:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Available for every budget
  • Innovative design
  • rapid warming-up
  • on gasoil, gas or electricity
  • user-friendly
  • Available for different capacities
  • Clean air emissions
  • Suitable for wide range of applications
  • Mobile or fixed
  • Excellent quality
  • Little noise or odor nuissance
  • Conform to safety standard

The range of space heaters can be used for different applications  such as:

  • Halls
  • Greenhouses
  • Tents
  • Stables and animal breeding
  • Workshops
  • Building sites
  • Marquee and events
  • show-rooms
  • warehouses


In addition to space heaters , we also have a range of industrial dehumidifyers. Are you experiencing moisture problems in floors, walls or ceilings? A correct management of moisture is the indispensable condition for conserving good present or in storage, and  in any cases the use of dehumidifyers is suitable in all cases where excessive humidity is harmful for the comfort or health. You can rent or buy the range of dehumidifyers ‘ARCODRY’  and  use to them to  dry up  4 times faster than without . You can proceed with painting and finishing buidling sites and avoid future damage on construction materials and goods.

Have your device delivered or come and collect it

When you order your space heater or dehumidifyer  from us, you will immediately receive an order confirmation. We also confiirm  the exact price, delivery time and any shipping costs of your order.
If you choose to have your device delivered to a location of your choice, please let us know the delivery address.  You can pick up during our opening hours or after an appointment by telephone.

Do you need your device  for a short time?

Do you have a temporary heating problem, do you just want to heat a large room for a short time,

or do you want to heat a tent or room for an event?

Rent your device at VERHELLE