Plug & play cabinet space heater The handy heating solution for small to medium-sized areas and indoor facilities.  shops, meeting rooms, club rooms, small workshops,….

Comes  with integrated fuel oil burner, and with powerful low-noised air  distribution fan

Integrated fuel tank – 35 liters – with level gauge.

  • Built-in adjustable thermostat.
  • Stainless-steel combustion chamber with aerodynamic shape
  • can be easily moved (wheelbase as option).
  • With chimney connection, for extraction of combustion fumes.
  • with pre-ventilation and cooling of the combustion chamber.
  • Possible to connect Air ducts for conveying hot air.
Vertigo 18
heat power ( kcal/h) – nominal
15 652
power supply
230 V – single phase
Diameter chimney (mm)
BROCHURE  :                                                                   VERTIGO