Suspended warm air generator with chimney connection(indirect oil fired heaters)  and large airflow: compact, but powerful – developed for use in greenhouses, nurseries, horticultural and agricultural applications, and often used in conjunction with suspended perforated ducting for optimal heat penetration.

Farm heaters  can be equipped with an optional wheel base or trolley kit which allows the machine to be moved.

  • In accordance with ERP 2015 standards
  • Burner can be equipped with ‘Snorkel’ air inlet, allowing the combustion air from outside .
  • fan with extremely low sound pressure
Model FARM 85 M FARM 110M FARM 145 M/T FARM 185 M/T FARM 235 M/T
heat power (kcal/h-nominal) 73 650 95 000 124 500 159 600 202 710

M/T :  M  :  single phase models( 230 V)

T :  3-phase  : 3×380 V (or 3×230 V)

Brochure FARM   :                                   FARM
Electronic thermostat
FARM Snorkel Air inlet
Heavy-Duty thermostat -5/+50 °C with cable and plug