The most efficient solutions for problems with humidity:

A dehumidifier  or air-dryer immediately provides the best solution to bring down and maintain relative humidity, and it is the remedy against  harmful moisture problems: new buildings  – bathrooms – laboratories – kitchens – churches – museums, etc.

The ARCODRY  dehumidifiers :a range of stand-alone equipment of  Industrial quality: powerful and automatic devices.

Why an air dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers (or building dryers) have their merit in drying and dehumidifying areas where excess moisture and water (vapor) gives rise to unhealthy living conditions, and possibly damage to buildings and goods. Often an excess of moisture is the cause of mold growth, damage to walls and building materials, aging of documents and works of art, etc.

  • kitchens, washing places , bathrooms.
  • warehouses of wood and paper or delicate
  • New homes and homes with moisture problems in general.
  • Dehumidifying after water misery, flooding or water-pipe breakage.
How does a dehumidifier work:

The working principle of a ‘condensation’ dehumidifier is based on the principle that air, rich in water vapour, tends to deposit the water on cooled surfaces. In a Arcodry dehumifdifier, the moist air is forced by a fan to pass over a cooled metal surface on which the moisture condenses depositing water vapour.

The dehumidified air is then sent back into the environment, contributing to lower the relative humidity, while the vapour is transformed into water which is drained off into a plastic container. The desired air humidity (‘relative humidity’) can be controlled with a built-up hygrostat.

To efficiently dry it is important that sufficient water vapor is present in the air; Dehumidification is therefore best at slightly higher temperatures (minimum from 5 ° C / ideal at room temperature). The operation of a dehumidifier  is therefore highly dependent on the temperature present, and heating can sometimes be very useful.


Which model to choose:

The choice of the best unit is determined by the size of the space to be dehumidified; the dehumidifying capacity of an appliance is expressed in liter / 24h: usually this capacity is indicated per model , in the most favorable drying conditions: 30 ° C and 80% relative humidity!

For a suitable size, ensure that the airflow of the appliance can process at least 3 times the volume of the room.

Working principle -dehumidifier :

Model DR 80 DR120 DR 190 DR 250 DR 310
CAPacity dehumidification
(at 30°C/80% r.H.)
16l/24h 22l/24h 40l/24h 52l/24h 80l/24h
air flow ( m3/h) 300 250 400 650 900

DR80  is a device for domestic use.

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