Gantry cranes and tripods  are the ideal solutions for hoisting operations, where a lightweigth structure and ‘rapid-assembly’ solution  is required. On every construction site, in every workshop, pumping station or garage there is sometimes a need for a light structure to lift and handle loads: our range of steel and aluminum gantry cranes, even mobile under load, whether or not with manual or electric hoists, provide  a most  practical solution.


  • Light construction; portable and easily transportable.
  • Rapidly assembled and disassembled with bolted connections.
  • Can be mounted, depending on the model, by 1 to max. 3 people.
  • Hoist beam in special hollow-profile aluminum construction.
  • Supplied with hoist trolley.
  • Adjustable height and span , adaptable by 1 person.
  • Construction composed of 3 basic elements, easy to transport and store away. (Folding legs)
  • With polyamide 360° swivel -locking castors.

Available with various options; bespoke solutions for specific requirements.

Tripodes :

Aluminum legs, easily heigth – adjustable  and foldable.

Adjustable in height (per 15 cm).

Suitable for all floor conditions :  for hard and soft surfaces.

Available up to 3000 kg.