Propane gas(LPG) direct fired space heaters : offering very small to medium-sized capacity – easy to handle – safe to use – adjustable heat output  – on/off control (M-Type) or set to be connected to a thermostat(A-type). For use in well-ventilated areas. These burners are direct fired, with open flame,but  without important fume discharge.

Type M: hand operated.(on/off)

Type A: connected to a thermostat for automatic control of the desired temperature.

Model GP 10M GP 18M GP 30 M/A GP 45 M/A GP 65 M/A GP 85 M/A GP105 M/A
heat power (kcal/h) 9.200 15.975 27.000 40.180 56.970 72.925 93.590

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