A complete range of overhead cranes and gantry cranes.

Whether it is a standard overhead crane, or a specifically tailor-made structure: by using skilled employees and suppliers, we want to reach satisfied end users with top products and a driven professional approach.

Our specialization:  Customer-tailer-made  projects, interesting delivery times, a no-nonsense treatment and a budget-friendly approach, without reducing our unique  price / quality ratio.

  • Overhead cranes and underhang cranes with profile or box girder / single or double girder version. With chain or cable hoist.
  • ‘Profile-Master’ – Modular profile-construction type for flexible applications.
  • – ‘Intelligent – crane controls’ and ‘crane monitoring’ for individual adaptation of your overhead crane to your specific needs and requirements of  your production:
  • Load-dependent speed control (ESR)
  •  Micro speed control: for precise load positioning
  • Slack rope prevention
  • Load limiter arrangements with zone detection: for protecting sub-areas within your production zone.
  • ‘SWAY CONTROL’: prevents dangerous swinging movements of the load.
  • LOADSYNCHRONIZATION: for perfect parallel manipulation of multiple loads or long pieces.
  • TANDEM control: safe operation of 2 parallel trolleys or cranes .

For more information about SWF ‘intelligent’ overhead crane and crane options:   SWF CRANE INTELLIGENCE


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