Verhelle bvba has been selling and maintaining the exclusive products of SWF-Krantechnik for more than 4 decades.  SWF Krantechik product portfolio  set standards in the market .From chain hoists and electric wire rope hoists, to crane components, electronic monitoring and control systems, to light crane systems, we offer highly flexible solutions for many different complex requirements in various industries. The entire portfolio is also available in eplosion-proof (EX) versions.

All  over the world, the most successful companies prefer using lifting  products from SWF Germany, because these components offer more than the average article on the market. In this way SWF can provide not only installations that perform better , but also lifting systems having a   long lifetime , working in a very reliable way , and above all – systems with a first-class service from Verhelle,

SWF  products help you master tough challenges in the lifting business. Set standards in the market and implement flexible, tailored solutions for a wide range of complex requirements.
SWF KRANTECHNIK makes it easy.

  • Designed for loads for up to 80 Ton.
  • Fixed hoists for free-standing installations and machinery hoists.
    Single girder trolley – low and normal headroom.
    Double girder trolley.
  • Features :
    • Optimal space utilization.
    • Low headroom – compact dimensions and optimum approach dimensions.
    • Excellent quality and made from high-quality materials.
    • Low maintenance costs.
    • Can be equipped with the latest technologies and multitude of features and options to adapt the hoist tot he individual needs of each customer.
  • For loads from 125 up  to 10,000 kg.
  • With hand-driven or electric trolley; also low headroom type available.
  • Trolleys equiped with a cross travel frequency inverter drive.
  • Standard with low voltage control 48V.
  • Can be adapted according to your individual requirements.

The special SWF components for applications in an explosion-proof environment fulfill the highest European and international safety standards. The product range can provide  chain hoists, a range of cable hoists,and a  complete modular overhead crane equipment range . The components comply with the ATEX 94/09 / EG directive and are fully  certified .

The products can be used in zones 1 and 2 for gas protection as well in zones 21 and 22 for dust protection.